In This Episode, Jason White, of Witness Riches asks Rob: “How Much House Can I Afford?”



FREE GAME: Own your piece of Earth. Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you could be reaping the benefits of paying your own mortgage. Come out and learn how to build wealth through homeownership, and the strategies that will help you position yourself to become a homeowner.

Jason White, the Founder of the 700 Club and CEO of Witness Riches, helps families increase their purchasing power through his credit repair services. Their mission is to create credit-worthy individuals and families so they can transcend beyond the barriers that are designed to undercut their potential and greatness we ALL deserve to attain.


For More Info How to Join the 700 Club —-> http://bit.ly/CreditBoost419

The Secrets to Credit Restoration

Topics will include:

• What’s a credit score and how it’s comprised.

• What are trade lines and how to rebuild your credit scores using a special kind.

• Why you shouldn’t pay collections without first validating the debts.

• Why your inquiries are so important and how to remove unauthorized inquiries from your credit report.

• Why deleting old negatives could possibly hurt your scores more than help them and why should focus on recent negatives when repairing your credit.

• And a few more tips and tricks to improve your credit scores that’s easy to implement.

After leaving this seminar you will be empowered with the knowledge to make your dream of Homeownership a reality within the next year!

Light Refreshments will be served!

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